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Chalk Art Takeover in Abbott Square

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020,
12pm - 9pm

Abbott Square

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Inspired by the recent influx of neighborhood chalk art in response to shelter-in-place, we recently wrote a blog post on how to #chalkyourwalk. The blog posts goes into how you can spread joy, solidarity, and fun throughout the neighborhoods through chalk art, plus even includes a homemade chalk recipe and a local artist spotlight. This project then led to a larger conversation about what else and where else we can play chalk art and work with local artists.

Thanks to a great idea from Janice Serilla and the Open Studios Committee, together we were able to do a chalk art takeover in Abbott Square, our recently reopened outdoor market and plaza. The project features six unique, 6ft ‘social distance circles’ situated around the plaza. Each designed and drawn 100% in chalk by a different local artist found through an open call out to Open Studio artists. There are also some fun little hidden messages for you to find around the square as well.

The art will be debuting on June 17th, 2020, and will be up for approximately 2 weeks depending on the amount of foot traffic and change in the weather.

Visit Abbott Square

Open Wednesday - Sunday from 12-9pm at the corner of Front & Cooper street in Downtown Santa Cruz.