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Tue, Apr 28, 2020

Jamie Keil

Jamie Keil - Catalizadora de Creatividad

Kindness Rocks: May Community Craft

Creating art is a beautiful thing. Not only is it beautiful to look at, experience, and share, but it can also help with emotional processing and healing.

For the month of May, we are hosting a community craft where we will all be making kindness rocks. I'm excited to bring this new project to our wonderfully creative community in lieu of our monthly First Friday Festivals. Typically, we will have hundreds of visitors craft with us in the museum joined by lively music in Abbott Square, welcoming volunteers, and a bustling downtown. So until we are able to craft together under the same roof, let's do it virtually!

The MAH will be reposting and highlighting your work throughout the month of May. So be sure to share your creations with the MAH by tagging us on social media. Use my how-to guide below or get inspiration from The Kindness Rocks Project, AART's decorative rock project, the Santa Cruz Rocks Facebook page, or our Pinterest page.

Together we can spread a little kindness around our neighborhood and online. I can't wait to see what you create.


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  1. Gather some rocks. Wash them off and make sure they are dry before you start.

2. Think of some nice, kind and encouraging messages and/or images. You can write and draw these on paper or keep them in your mind. Find inspo here...

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Step 3:

Set up your art-making area. Set some newspapers down, get a cup of water, a paintbrush, and a paper towel. Set your paint out and you are ready to start.

Step 4:

Paint your background. Paint each rock whatever color you like. Let it dry.

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Step 5:

Write your messages. Write your messages or paint your images on top of your colored backgrounds. You can use paint and try out some sharpie. Fun effects try using different materials to paint. An old toothbrush can give a fun splatter effect or try stamping with different kinds of fruit.

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Step 6:

Seal your rocks. If you can, seal your rocks with Modge Podge or a spray sealant to make them last longer.

Step 7:

Clean up your space. While your rocks are drying, wash out your brushes and put all your materials away.

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Step 8:

Take a picture! We would love to see your creations. Take a picture and either tag @santacruzmah on Instagram or send me an email to!

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Step 9:

Find good homes for your rocks. Think about who you want to see these rocks, just be sure it's in a public space and you aren't overstepping into someone's home. Spreading kindness is great, trespassing or crushing someone's prized dahlias, not so much. Be sure to place these rocks in places where the people you want to see them will be able to.

Happy crafting!