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Tue, Sep 15, 2020

Meet the Artists: September Chalk Art Takeover

Inspired by the recent influx of neighborhood chalk art due to shelter-in-place, we've been inviting local artists to fill 6ft 'social distance circles' throughout Abbott Square every month. We even shared a blog post on how to #chalkyourwalk from home with an easy DIY chalk paint recipe. This month we were joined by Janice Serilla, Melissa "Mermaid" Marzan, Abraham Garcia, and Dennis Scott to add some fun, whimsy, and inspiring images to the plaza.

If you're interested in participating reach out to our Learning & Engagement Manager at jamie@santacruzmah.org to see if there are any open slots coming up!

Meet the Artists

Chalk art 1

Janice Serilla

Janice Serilla has been artistic in one way or another all her life. Growing up in a creative family fueled her desire to be an artist. She moved to Santa Cruz, CA from Detroit, MI in 2009. Upon moving to Santa Cruz, she was seeking a creative outlet and started volunteering at a local Clay Studio where she created many hand-built ceramic vessels and fun sculptures. From there, she stumbled into sewing and started a handbag line under the name Mackerilla Design. After many years of sewing bag designs, she wanted to return to art. She started painting in 2014 and has been creating custom portraits, murals, and artwork to hang in galleries.

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Melissa "Mermaid" Marzan

Born and raised on the central coast of California, Melissa thrives in hand lettering and illustration. Her art is a wave of positivity over the daily struggles of our existence. She aims to create a community of courage through vulnerability. Currently, she is accepting commissions for murals, chalkboard, and hand-painted business signage.

Inspired by our beautiful ocean, I fused a wave pattern encompassing the words "Make Waves." This phrase challenges the status quo. Without challenges, there is no growth. It's a reminder to make noise, no matter how big or small, always to improve and dare to be better for yourself and others.

Chalk art

Abraham Garcia

Abraham has been an artist since he was a young boy in San Martin CA. He grew to have a mural painting business after high school where he acquired the large scale skills it took to help him create his sand art at Pleasure Point and working at The Clarity Arts Project helped him get introduced to the local art community which he now loves and cherishes. His family, Mary his beautiful wife, and his two teen boys Corey and Jay, have lived in Capitola going on four years now and Abraham doesn’t plan on stopping his musical and artistic adventures any time soon.

This “Big Sky” piece is to remind our community that clear sky’s are ahead and to try to help each other with positivity and compassion.

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Dennis Scott

Dennis is an artist originally from Washington, D.C. specializing in 3D animation and graphic design. He enjoys creating art that makes you laugh, think, and feel happy. He's inspired by the wonders of life and the people who inhabit this planet. Dennis's life goal is to inspire one person who will change the world.

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Jamie Keil

Jamie's passion is creating interactive projects and hopes to build a positive and innovative learning space where everyone can explore, play, create, and have fun. Currently, she works at the MAH creating community events. She graduated from UCSC with a degree in art and has worked at a variety of local Santa Cruz elementary schools. Outside of work, Jamie loves going to the beach, being outdoors, painting, and spending time with her adorable dog, Annie.

Since COVID-19, I have been making chalk art on sidewalks as a way to connect with my neighbors. I have also been trying to be grateful to all the things that make me happy right now-- and breakfast makes me happy, especially when it makes a smiley face at you.

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