Blended Bridge

Summer Series: Liberation and Pride for All

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Thursday, July 1, 2021,
6pm - 8pm

705 Front Street

Suggested Admission $5

Kicking off our Summer Series is a celebration of Liberation and Pride for All! Join the MAH and Blended Bridge as we highlight historical events through local storytellers. Listen in as community members share personal experiences to illuminate the ways in which we see history repeat itself on a local and national scale.

Following the storytelling session, stick around through a guided art lesson. Together participants will have the opportunity to paint what Liberation and Pride for All means to them. After your artwork is completed photos of your work will be displayed on the 2nd Floor of the MAH for the entire month of July. This event will conclude with History Bingo and the opportunity to continue to learn about Liberation and Pride.

What to Expect & Schedule of Events

Intro and History Archive Lesson:

  • London Nelson presented by Luna Leo - Liberation
  • History of Stonewall/Pride presented by Karissa (Picked by Karissa)

Interactive Activity:

  • Paint what liberation looks like to you taught by Dennis Scott local realtor and artist and display art in the MAH.


  • Chloe Gentile Montgomery - read a poem from book
  • 2 Personal Stories:
    • Juneteenth: Thairie
    • Liberation: Karissa

Featured Educators & Storytellers

Local Relator

Dennis Scott

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Luna leo

Community Healer

Luna Leo

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Chloe Gentile Montgomery


Chloe Gentile-Montgomery

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Community Leader

Karissa Rhueby- Fields

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Community Leader

Thairie Ritchie

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A Summer Series: Blending Art, History and Community

Local community organizations Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History and Blended Bridge are partnering to create A Summer Series: Blending Art, History, and Community. This series will blend art, history, and community by curating a safe space to highlight local historical events and storytellers to highlight the ways in which we are seeing history repeat itself locally.

*The purpose of this series will blend three important elements of everyday life: art, history, and community. By curating a safe space to highlight historical events and storytellers sharing personal experiences to illuminate the ways in which we see history report itself on a local and national scale.

Our Collaborators

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Blended Bridge

Blended Bridge aims to connect the community of individuals who oftentimes feel like their identities have gotten lost in the middle. Most importantly, our goal is to create a safe, inclusive community that welcomes every individual for who they are and what they identify as. Whatever that may be. By highlighting the ways in which we are all wildly different, yet inadvertently the same, Blended Bridge aims to empower and inspire collective community.

Visit the MAH

May 14, 2021 – Sep 5, 2021


Experience selected artworks from the Museum of Latin American Art’s permanent art collection through the stories, songs, dances, and words of Latinx individuals and communities here in Santa Cruz County.


Explora inspiradoras exposiciones. Conoce nuevos amigos en los eventos semanales de la comunidad. Entra un momento a leer un libro o beber café en medio de arte y vegetación.