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HUGO: An Interactive Art Maze

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Sunday, January 20, 2019,
7pm - 8:45pm


Wander through an interactive maze designed by LUX & JASPER and the Walnut Avenue Women's Center on Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) National Awareness Day. Follow the path of empowerment and learn about the ways NPD can be at the core of unhealthy relationships. Open to all, visitors can interact with the large scale installations, share their stores, and explore the maze down Cooper Street.

My hope is that by shining light on this disorder it will help others feel empowered to believe in the reality they truly deserve, develop healthy boundaries, and know there are helping hands extended to aid in your journey. -LUX & JASPER

Learn more about the Hugo Project.

More About the Project

The Curious Scroll is 170 foot long. Purchin traveled with it to the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in 2016. People from all walks of life found their calm as they listened to a guided art-making meditation while drawing and painting on the scroll.

Personal stories and more are painted on top of the art of hundreds of people who found their calm on The Curious Scroll at some of the biggest 2016 political conventions.


“I explore art-making as an embodied spiritual practice and as a means of democratic participation. This endeavor has led to journeys and collaborations with the public in places such as Pakistan, the Republican and Democratic political conventions and US Presidential Inaugurations.”

Andrew Purchin — Artist

The documentary includes people from all over Santa Cruz County making art and having conversations exploring questions like:

  • How will our ugly political discord become a thoughtful conversation?
  • What's beautiful? What's ugly?
  • How does something ugly in life or in the news become beautiful?
  • Would you be willing to share a strong political opinion that we might disagree on?

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