Panel Discussion

Historias de Cultura: Oaxaca en Santa Cruz - Lenguas Indigenas

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Sunday, June 19, 2022,
2pm - 3:30pm

Garden Room
705 Front St.


A Senderos and Nido de Lenguas at UCSC collaboration, join us for a panel discussion about the importance of language preservation in our community. Learn from native Zapotec and Mixteco speakers as they share their stories of teaching, relearning, and practicing their mother tongue in a new land. Panel discussion will follow with a Q & A and close with language activities facilitated by UCSC linguistics graduate students.

*This event will be multilingual with a Spanish and possibly Mixteco/Zapoteco discussion with English translation.*

This event series is part of the City Arts Recovery Design Program, a pilot grant to fund cultural art projects that benefit the citizens of the City of Santa Cruz. Historias de Cultura: Oaxaca en Santa Cruz ( Stories of Culture: Oaxaca in Santa Cruz), is a series of pop-up events and short films to take place in various locations in the City of Santa Cruz from May to September 2022 that will explore the indigenous cultural heritage of Oaxaca, Mexico through dance, music, language, food, traditional healing.

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