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Black History Month Film Series: Bamboozled '00

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Thursday, February 10, 2022,
6pm - 8pm

Online Event


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BHM Film Series 2

Taj Leahy presents the Black History Month Film Series, showcasing a variety of culturally relevant films. Stay tuned after each screening for an online discussion about each film.

Film Screening Schedule:

February 3: The Wiz '78

February 10: Bamboozled '00

February 17: Malcolm X '92

February 24: Black Panther '18

Taj Leahy

“I created this film series to highlight Black Excellence in film. The original intent was to have this be an in-person community event but that’s alright. We can still have a great time! Every Thursday in February we get to kick back and enjoy a feature film and have a little chat about each one. The idea being what some would call, “edutainment.” All the films have their own weight and feel and cultural relevance. The Wiz, a musical, is a profoundly creative endeavor with an incredible cast from Michael Jackson to Richard Pryor and Dianna Ross. Bamboozled is a funny and at times heartbreaking film with a socially critical lens from none other than Spike Lee. Prepare to laugh and cry at this one. Also from Spike Lee, Malcolm X played by the incredible Denzel Washington, chronicles the life of a sorely misunderstood character from American History. This crucial film is worth every minute of its considerable length. Seeing Malcom X portrayed this way is a must for all people regardless of race. He was truly an American hero and his story is a story of love. Lastly, we’ll end on a high note with the incomparable Black Panther. This movie is and was a cultural phenomenon. Its import cannot be overstated. A truly entertaining and inspiring film Black Panther shows us what Afrofuturism is all about. “Wakanda Forever!” -Taj AKA Father Taj”

From Taj Leahy

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