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Wed, Apr 01, 2020

Listen to the Best Bands of Abbott Square

The MAH is now on Spotify! Tune in and follow along as we feature the best local bands to ever take the stage in Abbott Square.

Listen to:

  • Beach Day! – For easy-going tunes to enjoy near the ocean.
  • Jazzy Joints – Start your morning with the smooth sounds of our local jazz scene.
  • Party Time Tunes – Groove to a sweet bassline and uptempo drum beats.
  • MAH + Pop – Discover the magical voices of local signers and music makers. You could be listening to the next big star!
  • 831 Rock & Roll – Great for working out, road tripping or some good old fashioned headbanging.
  • Santa Cruz Mountain Melodies – Santa Cruz County has a thriving folk scene, uncover the humming and strumming tunes here.
  • The Horn Section – Get your heart pumping with this high energy playlist.
  • Central Coast Hip Hop – Our flavourful music scene is on the rise. Don't sleep on it.
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Music In Abbott Square

Music at the MAH

Learn more about the MAH's live music program in Abbott Square and how you can get involved. Brought to you by MAH Members.

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