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Wed, Nov 18, 2020

We Heal Together: Community Interviews Part 1

Surrounded by bougainvillea flowers, Irene Juárez O’Connell's mural Sana, Sana: We Heal Together features six community members working to heal themselves and others through networks of community care.

The focal point of our outdoor exhibition, Community is Collective Care, O’Connell's mural incorporates an object, practice, or belief that supports or represents healing for each of the individuals featured.

While preparing for this mural, O'Connell interviewed each person that has since been compiled into a Youtube video for you to enjoy. In her interview back in September, O'Connell shared, "I selected six figures who I have had the privilege to meet and who I consider bring healing in some way to the community or are embodying or practicing a version of healing that doesn’t often get portrayed in dominate media. [...] I wanted to make sure that each of the people portrayed had a chance to have their story told."

Here are three of those stories...

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Sam Cunningham

Sam is a mentor and outreach specialist supporting incarcerated youth and adults in re-entry. A former lifer, he draws from his experience to inspire others to pursue a path of peace and is shown holding a certificate of appreciation from the incarcerated youth he offers support.

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Ooli Crowbear

Ooli is first nations Yaqui, and has lived in Santa Cruz for 16 years. Ooli is a dedicated sibling, daughter, and friend, as well as a compassionate caregiver to adults on the spectrum. Ooli holds a gifted medicine drum.

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Rosalina Cruz

Rosalina is a Mixteca woman who lives and works in Watsonville as a seasonal agricultural worker. She carries indigenous knowledge around self-care and health, including a daily ritual of manzanilla (chamomile) tea. Rosalina holds a fresh bunch of chamomile flowers.

Community is Collective Care

Visit the exhibition located outside the museum in Downtown Santa Cruz or learn more about muralist, Irene Juarez O'Connell.