Deconstruction of traditional landscape art with new formats, materials, and images.

Exhibited from April 1st 2016- July 24th 2016

You’ve seen Santa Cruz sunsets 100 times. Imagine pulling one apart.

That’s what Jeremy Morgan and Tra Bouscaren do in UnLandscape. Morgan is a landscape painter. Bouscaren is an abstract media artist. Together, they deconstruct traditional landscape art with new formats, materials and images.

Jeremy Morgan doesn’t paint specific locations. Instead, Morgan paints places inspired by experience, memory, and dreams. Don’t worry about figuring out what they’re depicting, or finding a horizon line, because there isn’t one. Morgan is more interested in the emotional and imaginative connections you make with his landscapes—or unlandscapes.

Tra Bouscaren’s landscapes are otherworldly in media and form. He makes collaborative productions—where projection and assemblage meet. Bouscaren uses “orphaned objects”–discarded plastic, paper, and twisted bits–as projection screens for abstract digital video pieces. He looks at the world as one big projection of found objects and images.

Tra Bouscaren asked Jeremy Morgan if he could create shadows around his paintings using sculpted Styrofoam forms. Morgan loved the idea and took the collaboration a step further. He wanted Bouscaren to project directly on some of his paintings. And so a new collaborative art form was born.
Both Morgan and Bouscaren invite you to explore their landscapes. In doing so, you become part of them—imaginatively and literally.


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Tra Bouscaren

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Meet the Artist

Jeremy Morgan

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