Time and Place/Then and Now

Honors contributors and celebrates artists who were part of Time and Place: 50 Years of Studio Ceramics.

Exhibited from December 9, 200- April 1, 2007

In 1997, The Museum of Art & History presented Time and Place: Fifty Years of Santa Cruz Studio Ceramics. Time and Place was curated by guest curator Karen Thuesen Massaro. In 2004, this exhibition inspired a project, “Friends of Time and Place,” with Karen and Dominic Massaro as the establishing donors. This project allowed MAH to acquire pieces and begin establishing a clay collection that has as its focus Santa Cruz Studio Ceramics.

The Time and Place/Then and Now exhibition honors the contributors to this fund and celebrates the artists who are now part of this MAH collection.Members and visitors will have the opportunity to view new works of these artists.

Coeleen Kiebert, Return from Rome, 1996, Porcelain, glazed. Purchase with funds from Friends of Time and Place and Gift of the Artist.

In the Lezin Family Gallery, we will highlight the sixteen works of our collection from the “Then” portion of the exhibition. These artists are: Bruce Bangert; Marsha Blaker; George Dymesich; Sally Gaynor; Dan Hennig; Laurie Hennig; Christianna Hunnicutt; Fred Hunnicutt; Coeleen Kiebert; Terrie Kvenild; Mattie Leeds; Robynn Smith; Joel Magen; Kevin Wahl; Stan Welsh and Tom Wolver.

In this space, we will design interactive educational components and didactics to help our viewers understand the techniques and creative processes ceramic artists employ. There will also be a table with images and reading materials of the works of world famous ceramicists and a television monitor with videos pertaining to ceramics.

The second component of the exhibition will be mounted in the third-floor lobby and the Art Forum Gallery. Here, we will show recent ceramic pieces of the participating artists, including some whose works are not yet in the MAH collections.

We will, for example, invite Bruce McDougal, Marcia McDouglal and Don Fritz to be part of the exhibition.

We will also include Santa Cruz studio ceramics artists who did not participate in the Time and Place exhibition of 1997. These artists include Karen Massaro, Andy Ruble, Jim Wayne, Jenny Morton and Steve Salisian. We will also include pieces by Bruce Anderson, John Faulkner and Lilyan Rhodes that were given to the Museum by Roy Rydell

Contributing Artists

Anchor Artists

Bruce Anderson

Bruce Bangert

Marsha Blaker

George Dymesich

Don Fritz

Sally Gaynor

Dan Hennig

Laurie Hennig

Christianna Hunnicutt

Fred Hunnicutt

Al Johnsen

Coeleen Kiebert,

Robert (Bo) Kvenild

Terrie Kvenild

Bob Kinzie

Sandy Kinzie

Michael Lambert

Mattie Leeds

Scott Lindberg

Christie Thomas

Joel Magen

Karen Thuesen Massaro

Kathryn McBride

Bruce McDougal

Jenny Morten

Pam Murakami

Andy Ruble

Daniel Rhodes

Lilyan Rhodes

Steve Salisian

Robynn Smith

Kevin Wahl

Chizuko Wayne

Jim Wayne

Stan Welsh

Marguerite Wildenhain

Tom Wolver

MAH Exhibit Then/Now

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