The True Artist is an Amazing Luminous Fountain*: Selections from the di Rosa Preserve- Art & Nature

Contemporary California Bay Area art from the diRosa

Exhibited from October 8, 2005-November 27, 2005

Tracing the path of Bay Area art since the rise of the Bay Area Figurative School in the 1950s reveals the work of an innovative and artistically courageous group of artists. This legendary collection was the inspired pursuit of two devoted patrons of the arts, Rene di Rosa and his late wife Veronica. Through their generosity we will be viewing a large part of their vast collection of contemporary California art.

The di Rosa Preserve in Napa, California, houses one of the largest regional art collections in the country. Amassed throughout the last forty years, the di Rosa collection represents the most extensive gatherings of contemporary California Bay Area art available anywhere in the world.

* Quote by Bruce Nauman

The exhibition has been organized by the di Rosa Preserve: Art & Nature, Napa, California.