Sherry Karver: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Series

Views of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in multiple mediums to celebrate it's one hundred year annivesary.

Exhibited from April 14, 2007 through July 7, 2007

Oakland-based artist Sherry Karver combines photography, digital technology, and oil painting to create views of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in celebration of it one hundred year anniversary. Karver’s work chronicles the Boardwalk through its busy summer months, to the winter “off season.” Says Karver:

“I have been going to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk at least once or twice every year since I moved to the Bay Area in 1984.The Boardwalk is quintessential of how amusement parks used to be, and taps into a nostalgia that many of us long for.”

Sponsored in part by The Art Forum

Media partner for Boardwalk and complimentary exhibitions and programming: KUSP 88.9 Central Coast Public Radio

Sherry Karver

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