Machines of Memory: Sculpture and Works on Paper by Joseph Zirker

solo exhibition of the work of America artist Joseph Zirker.

Exhibited from August 7 2010 – November 14 2010

Varied Expertise

Complimenting MAH’s exhibition highlighting papermaking, It’s in the Pulp: The Art of Papermaking in Santa Cruz, MAH presents a solo exhibition of the work of America artist Joseph Zirker. Zirker developed, and holds patents for, two major printmaking techniques that use acrylics, gels and media to make monotype and editionable intaglio prints without the use of printing presses. This exhibition, guest curated by independent curator and writer Robert Flynn Johnson, will showcase both sculptural and two dimensional work, and illustrate the breadth of work created using advanced paper making techniques. Using writing paper and other common materials, his creative sculptures show the interplay between shade and light.

Career Spotlight

Through more than four decades of work and experimentation, Joseph Zirker has cultivated a reputation as one of the Bay Area’s most innovative printmakers. His entire career is marked by an irrepressible interest in exploring the possibilities of printmaking. In his cast acrylic monotypes, Zirker continues his career-long interest in abstraction. His compelling compositions feature biomorphic shapes and symbols that suggest—without making overt reference to—natural forms.

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Joseph Zirker

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