Collection of Time and Place

Honoring ceramic artists in our collection

Exhibited from March 26 2011-May 15 2011

Santa Cruz studio ceramics is a collection and exhibition focus of the Museum. In response to this interest, we present A Collection of Time and Place. This exhibition honors ceramic artists in our collection and the original and present contributors to a fund established in 2004 by Karen and Dominic Massaro, the “Friends of Time and Place.” This fund is used to acquire and care for a growing and vibrant Santa Cruz studio ceramics collection.

Artists in our Collection

  • Susana Arias
  • Bruce Anderson
  • Bruce Bangert
  • Mark Burns
  • George Dyme
  • Don Fritz
  • Sally Gaynor
  • Dan Hennig
  • Laurie Hennig
  • Christianna Hunnicutt
  • Fred Hunnicutt
  • Al Johnsen
  • Coeleen Kiebert
  • Bob Kinzie
  • Bo Kvenild
  • Terrie Kvenild
  • Michael Lambert
  • Mattie Leeds
  • Marilyn Levine
  • Rocky Lewycky
  • Joel Magen
  • Kathryn McBride
  • Jenny Morten
  • Steve Salisian
  • Robynn Smith
  • Kevin Wahl
  • Masayuki Watanabe
  • Chizuko Wayne
  • Jim Wayne
  • Stan Welsh
  • Tom Wolver