Around the Kitchen Table: Art and Artifacts from the Permanent Collection

art and artifacts inspired by the kitchen

Exhibited from August 30 2008 – November 23 2008

MAH’s collection will be culled to intersect art and artifacts that might be found, used, or inspired by something in a kitchen.

From the history collection: Israel collection of canned goods, textiles (aprons, linens), sugar and creamer set used by A.A. Taylor (editor of the Santa Cruz Daily Surf), plates and patters from the Kirlanovich restaurant, Arcan tablecloth, Bill Brooks collections of souvenir cups and spoons.


Ceramic Teapots and Cups

  • Bruce Anderson
  • Marsha Blaker
  • Donna Billick
  • Sally Gaynor
  • Kathryn McBride
  • Michael Lambert
  • Joel Magin
  • Pam Murakami

Prints and lithographs

  • Martha Mayer Erlobacher’s Still Live #2
  • Darien Payne

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