Del Mar

History Forum: Saving the Beloved Del Mar

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Wednesday, February 7, 2024,
4pm - 6pm

Garden Room

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Imagine it is 1936 when the majestic 1510-seat Del Mar opened its doors during the Great Depression, offering true grandeur for a mere 15¢ admission. Gary Parks, a distinguished board member of the Theatre Historical Society of America, unfolds the fascinating narrative of the Del Mar within the broader tapestry of surviving Bay Area Theatres of the era. As the author of Theatres of the San Francisco Peninsula and Theatres of San Jose, Gary will transport us to the golden age of cinema.

Adding to the allure, Sentinel history writer Ross Gibson will share how the community made possible the Del Mar's renaissance. Twenty-five years ago, when the theater faced imminent closure and sale, Ross and the vigilant Friends of the Del Mar orchestrated an extraordinary victory for historic preservation. Guest fee: $20 at event.

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