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Fri, Jan 25, 2019

We're Still Here: Art into Action

In keeping with our goals to end isolation, everyone shared some personal history and pride in their life achievements with two new partners. Next, we celebrated how far we have come in this six month tapestry of weaving seniors, artists and advocates. Stacey highlighted our process for developing the exhibitions, actions and events of “We’re Still Here”

Next, we self sorted into action groups working with the different artists.

Ruth and Helen from the Pajaro Valley Quilting Association helped seniors make fabric, ink and image quilt squares. These share our visions of a future Santa Cruz beyond isolation. The squares will join evolving fabric inspirations made by visitors to the Museum during the six months of exhibition.

Cid’s group motivated the entire audience with a mini-performance of dance, evoking the issues that seniors experience as our bodies age. These dance vignettes will play at the opening of the Exhibition on April 5. Visitors will also enjoy them through live and on video performances throughout the six months.

Jeff hosted a “Lluvia de Ideas” (Rain-storm of ideas) about different events that we can host both at the MAH and at community locations. These ideas aimed at three target actions with are foremost in the MAH’s theory of building a stronger community:

  • Bridging Events that bring diverse communities together. For example, an audience participation and performance event inviting High School Seniors and Senior Citizens to exchange wisdom across their different ages and experiences.
  • Bonding Events which strengthen connections among people from similar communities. For example, a senior mixer event.
  • Empowering Events which give skills and opportunities to people in the community. For example, a workshop on Balance and Falling Safely (so that one is less likely to break a bone)

Ry presented the Senior Game of Life project and got feedback about specific stations that visitors would experience. Gina shared self taken photos from seniors expressing isolation in their lives. People weighed in on which were most moving.

Our next meeting is coming up soon on February 12. Only two more meetings before all of our hard work and passion sparkles before the public eye.

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