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Wed, Sep 30, 2020

Jamie Keil

Jamie Keil - Catalizadora de Creatividad

Outdoors October: Community Craft

Life Outside

With school, work, hangouts, and entertainment found behind a computer screen these days, I am trying to squeeze in as much time outside as I can before winter. Join me in getting some fresh air, moving our bodies, and getting creative with this month's community craft project.

I've rounded up some local outdoor happenings by awesome organizations that are here to support you safely getting outdoors and having fun.

For this month's craft project, once you get outside and your eyes re-adjust to the real world, we're making memory boxes! Fill yours with things you find outside, or things that have gotten you through shelter in place. This craft is great for all ages and an awesome family project to help process this unprecedented time together. As local Middle School Teacher, Kenia Goicochea, shared in her interview with us a few weeks back, “[she] saw a beautiful fervor arise in them (her students), and excitement to capture this historic event through their lives’ lenses.”

Memory Boxes

IMG 6385
IMG 6375

Fill your Box with...

  • Something you find beautiful
  • Something from nature
  • An item that brings you joy
  • An item or phrase that reminds you to stay strong
  • Something that makes you feel safe
  • An object that is your favorite color
  • Something that reminds you of someone you love
  • When filling your box, try to stay away from food and make sure to get permission if an item belongs to someone else. If you want to put something in your box that is too big, draw a picture, take a photo, or write down what it is and put that in the box instead.

Then take a picture! We would love to see what you made. Either tag @santacruzmah on social media or email

Getting outside is easy when you live in Santa Cruz County. The natural landscape and the ocean are great places to visit, but if you are craving more of an event, here are some local happenings this month:

Local Happenings

Art Outside with the MAH

Visit Community is Collective Care

Free to visit daily Community is Collective Care is an outdoor exhibition that calls you to imagine individual and collective pathways toward healing with artist Irene Juárez O’Connell. Located behind the museum, enter through Abbott Square.

Take Yourself on a Tour

Check out our list of some must-see murals across Santa Cruz County here. Or go on a self-guided tour of the historic Evergreen Cemetery here.

Celebrate Día de Muertos

Get ready for a re-imagined Día de Muertos celebration with opportunities to come together and remember those we have lost. The celebration begins on October 15th. Stay tuned for more details!