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Mon, Mar 16, 2020

Ashley Holmes

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Listen & Read Santa Cruz History

The MAH may be closed but there are still ways to uncover the untold stories of Santa Cruz County History until you are safely able to visit.

Enjoy this curated list of the best MAH podcasts, history journals, and blog posts for you to enjoy as we all hunker down.

Online History Journals

Our online journals are an ongoing platform for local researchers to publish original research on local history. Read more here.

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Most Popular History Journals

  • Learn about Santa Cruz County's influenza epidemic of 1918 in this entry by Greg Gardner. Read now.
  • Read about the famous Santa Cruz Egg Laying Contests in this entry written by Jill Ramar. Read now.
  • Uncover what wild buildings and changes could have been built throughout Santa Cruz County in this journal entry by Frank Perry. Read now.

The MAH Podcast

Combing their years of community organizing and archival knowledge join MAH staffers Marla Novo, and Gabriel Kittle-Cervine for a fresh take on Santa Cruz History with the MAH's first-ever podcast. Listen to them all here.


Most Popular Episodes

On the MAH Blog

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Octagon C 1882

Top History Blog Posts

  • Learn about the History of the Octagon, aka the building with 8 Sides and 9 lives here.
  • Read how a man found a missing 19th Century headstone here.
  • Find out why Santa Cruz banned Rock and Roll here.
  • See how/why firefighters competed to win a diamond-encrusted belt here.