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Wed, Jun 24, 2020

Jamie Keil

Jamie Keil - Catalizadora de Creatividad

DIY Quaranzines: Step by Step Guide

Recently we hosted a virtual craft night where folks from across the country tuned in via Zoom to make Quaranzines, aka zines made in response to COVID-19.

Folks shared their quarantine reflections, routines, and hopes for the future with friends and strangers alike. Zines serve as a powerful outlet for content considered to be too niche or risqué for traditional/commercial forms of publication. They also are incredibly empowering. Zines put the power of storytelling in your hands. They let you tell your story, share your passion, make someone laugh, or spark important conversations.

Zines are also wildly popular for empowering storytelling because they can be produced with the simplest of tools and easily distributed outside capitalistic or potentially oppressive systems. Most zines are distributed amongst friends, in local gathering places or homes, or at festivals designed to celebrate them! NPR even shared how Zines can bring people together despite social and physical distancing measures.

All in all, there is a lot to love about Zines so without further adieu let's jump into the tutorial.

How to Make a Zine

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1. Grab your materials. A plain piece of paper & a pair of scissors to start.

2. Fold your paper. Follow the folding instructions in the image below.

3. Make a cut with your scissors. Follow the cutting instructions in the image to the left.

4. Fold your paper into a booklet. Shown via the image to the left.

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5. Figure out a theme for your zine. This can be anything from how to make bread to what music you like. For inspiration follow #quaranzines on Instagram or look at our Pinterest board.

6. Create and decorate. Write your messages or paint your images on top of your colored backgrounds. You can use paint and try out some sharpie.

7. Take a picture! We would love to see your creations. Take a picture and either tag @santacruzmah on Instagram with #quaranzines or send me an email at jamie@santacruzmah.org

8. Share your work! If you'd like to give your Zine out to friends, neighbors, family, or somebody walking down the street then make photocopies of your design. Print then repeat the steps as you fold, cut, copy, and share!

Zines Made by You!

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