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Thu, Aug 06, 2020

Chalk Art in Abbott Square: August

Inspired by all the recent neighborhood chalk art, the MAH made a blog post about #chalkyourwalk and highlighted a local Santa Cruz Artist. This led to a larger conversation about what else and where else we can make chalk art and work with local artists. For the next few months, the MAH will continuously feature a few local artists and open up Abbott Square to showcase their creativity.

Each artist is designated 6ft ‘social distance circles’ around the public plaza and space to let their creativity flourish. There are also some fun little hidden messages for you to find around the square as well. The art will be debuting on August 5th at 12pm and will be up for approximately 2 weeks (or until it slowly fades away). We hope to work together to create more community-led art projects around downtown in the future!

Check out some amazing chalk art, take photos, find some new inspiring local artists to follow on Instagram, and enjoy some bites and brews from Abbott Square Market while you're there!

Meet the Artists

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Dennis Scott

I'm an artist originally from Washington, D.C. specializing in 3D animation and graphic design. I enjoy creating art that makes you laugh, think and feel happy inside. I'm inspired by the wonders of life and the people who inhabit this planet. My goal with my art is to inspire that one person who will change the world.

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Sandra Cherk & Erika Perloff

Sandra: As a landscape painter, I am fortunate to live in Santa Cruz where natural beauty abounds. I work mostly with soft pastels to create paintings inspired by my favorite places.

Erika: I am a Santa Cruz based landscape painter usually working in the media of soft pastels. During Shelter in Place I have been enjoying using the city sidewalks as my canvas with chalk and pastels. It’s exciting to make work that will change or vanish within days of being painted but lasts long enough to brighten someone’s day.

Stop. Reflect. In this time of upheaval and trauma, we were inspired to focus on the natural beauty of our coast-- a place to take a moment’s break from the news and recharge. The waves still come in and go out, and the sun paints the water with glowing color.

Inhale. Smell the salt. Exhale. Be soothed.

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Jamie Keil

Jamie Keil's passion is creating interactive projects and hopes to build a positive and innovative learning space where everyone can explore, play, create, and have fun. Currently, she works at the MAH creating community events. She graduated from UCSC with a degree in art and has worked at a variety of local Santa Cruz elementary schools. Outside of work, Jamie loves going to the beach, being outdoors, painting, and spending time with her adorable dog, Annie.

Since COVID-19, I have been making chalk art on sidewalks as a way to connect with my neighbors. This piece is a way to connect with strangers and give them a space to think about what brings them joy, and hopefully also a smile!