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Wed, Mar 10, 2021

Laurel Maxwell

Laurel Maxwell - Coordinadora de operaciones de Servicio al Cliente

Before You Visit: Safety & Care in 2021

The time has come! The MAH is reopening! Before you visit and check-in with me at our new front desk read through our tips, tricks, and things to note before you visit.

As the Guest Services Manager at the MAH, it's been a key part of my role to help our team make intentional decisions around reopening safely with you, the guest, at the center. From how you enter the museum to your departure these are our commitments to ensure you have a welcoming, safe, and empowering experience.

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Step 1: Admission & Reserving Your Appointment

Part of our phased-reopening plan is keeping to ONE MAH Member Household per 30-minute window when Santa Cruz County is in the Red Tier. We felt it was important to thank and show extra care to our new and renewed Members who made it possible for us to continue developing our inspiring and educational programming online and outside during this past year.

If you are, or are looking to become, a MAH Member you can register for your 30-minute private museum visit here on Eventbrite.

That's right, for 30-minutes you and your pod will have the whole museum entirely to yourself! We think that should give enough time to visit all two floors of exhibitions, but if you're needing more time please feel free to sign up for another slot and come back again!

Let's get you to the MAH!

If you currently are a MAH Member you can register for your 30-minute private museum visit here on Eventbrite.

If you'd like to become a Member you can do so here first before booking your visit on Eventbrite.

At this time all each MAH Member and exhibiting artist can bring up to 5 individuals for their pod. Kids under the age of 5 earn a free pass and don't count for your total group size.

Admission is always FREE for MAH Members!

But if you're feeling generous and want to continue to support the MAH even more you can leave an optional donation on our website, at check-in inside, or via Eventbrite.


For now, while Santa Cruz County is in the Red Tier we are open for visitors 12-6pm Fridays and Saturdays.

Like I mentioned above, advance registration is required to ensure only one group is in the museum at a time.

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Step 2: Checking-In & Visiting at the MAH

Wonderful! So you, a MAH Member, have booked your visitation time and you're ready to walk, drive, bike, or dance your way downtown to the MAH.

Upon your visit, you'll see we've made a number of improvements to the Atrium. My personal favorite is the incredible front desk our Exhibition Fabricator Justin built!

When you arrive please enter via our main Front Street entrance. The door will be open, to cut down on touchpoints and a sneeze guard will be between you and me (the front desk staff). We also have a new touchless payment system there as well if needed. From there, I'll confirm your appointment, hand over a map of the MAH, and guide to the elevator. We're asking everyone to start on the 3rd Floor and work your way back down to me in the Atrium.

Yes, let's continue to look out for one another by wearing masks, washing out hands frequently, and maintain a 6ft distance.

Everyone two and older must wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth completely while visiting. This includes the bathrooms and our outdoor exhibition, Community is Collective Care.

Your health and safety are our top priority. Between every visit, high-touch areas will be sanitized by MAH staff using EPA-approved cleaning agents such as Morning Mist to disinfect high-touch surfaces. In addition to more frequent cleanings by our janitorial staff each day.

Also, one of the first things you will see (besides a welcoming staff member) will be a hand sanitizer station as you enter the building. These have been placed strategically throughout the museum. Please remember they do not take the place of washing your hands for at least twenty seconds with warm soap and water.

We ask that you try to arrive as close to your appointment time as possible. Thirty-minute blocks have been spaced to ensure adequate cleaning. You can always enjoy a bite to eat or a drink from Abbott Square Market right outside while you wait.

Similar to the directional pathways at stores, starting on the 3rd Floor helps us create a flow through the museum to avoid any crossed paths.

The markers on the floor and the map we hand you upon check-in will be your guide.

We think so. If you are looking to really sit with a piece or read every label, that may not be enough time. We hope you'll sign up for another time slot to come back and go back over what you felt you missed.

For now, our interactive elements have been put on pause. For example, bigger items like the boat in the history gallery are available for kids, but the stuffed animals have been removed since those are challenging to sanitize between visits. These elements will be phased back in as we move through our tiered reopening plan.

We know things happen, but we ask that you only reserve a time slot if you really plan on attending. With 6 open slots open only twice a week visitation is limited and we want to make sure everyone who wants to visit is able to.

With that said, if you've done your best but you know you won't be able to make it, please e-mail or call your MAH Membership Coordinator, Jenna Clancy. She'll be able to open up your slot for someone else to reserve and help you rebook a new reservation time.

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Step 3:

Thank you! Every positive review helps future guests feel more confident in visiting and helps spread the word that the museum has reopened.

If you would like to leave the MAH a review, you can do so on any of these platforms:

This is a new frontier of museum visitation, help the MAH improve by emailing us at We eagerly await your feedback and questions so we can continually look to improve your experience at the MAH.

We love the way you think.

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You have a heart of gold.

Renewing or upgrading your MAH membership is the best way to continuously stay in touch, get more involved, and support the MAH's programming.

You can also look to make a one-time donation, join our Director's Circle, or become a Corporate Member and sponsor the museum. There are lots of ways to go deeper and make an impact with the MAH. Learn more about donations and sponsorship here.